Hej Verden!

Welcome to our Denmark Diary, have a look and see what we have been doing!

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Day 1

After a long journey to Newcastle, we got to the ferry. We eventually got tired of running around corridors and watched a movie.

Day 2

Today, we drove all the way to Aalborg (thank you Phil, Andy and Ian). We arrived there later than expected (some of us took the high road some the low road but we managed to get there). we had a great evening meal (sweet and sour and curry noodles), We meet some German Scouts in a traffic jam and managed to hand over some badges, they have now made contact through the Website: camp 2015 sorted ;-) ! Due to the late arrival we all slept in the hall.

Day 3

Time to explore Aalborg! We had an interesting tour of the history of the town, and went to Spejder Sport, the Scout shop. We saw the castle, the cathedral, the swimming pool (i.e. the sea) and, most importantly, H&M! When we got back, we met our families for home hospitality, and went home for some traditional Danish meals. Finally, the leaders can get some peace!

Day 4

We had a trip to the Skaagen, the northernmost part of mainland Europe! We went to the point where the North sea meets the Baltic sea and, since we're Scouts, we jumped right in! Once we'd dried off and recovered, we headed off to see an amazing church partly buried in sand. After that, we went to some big sand dunes. And jumped off them. Lots of big smiles today!

Day 5

Today we went to the Nordcraft climbing centre, and had an amazing time with the climbing wall and trampolines. Then we went to the control room of the bridge and saw it being raised and lowered to let ships through.

Day 6

We went to the beach today, so the leaders had a relaxing day and we went swimming. It was cold, but we had loads of fun. We're off to Legoland and the campsite tomorrow!

Day 7

Legoland! We went on loads of great rides, saw a show and got a tan! Then we went off to the campsite to set up camp for the next week.

Day 8

We had a great day today with the Danish Scouts at the campsite. We made a zip wire, a sleeping platform and a carousel! And some of us went swimming in the lake.

Day 9

Another day at the campsite with the Danes. We went canoeing, zip wiring, swimming and more fun activities.

Day 10

Today we went for a hike. We walked up the highest hill in Denmark! That didn't take long, so we walked to another campsite to sleep outside tonight.

Day 11

Today we walked (again) back to our campsite. We started by walking to Ry, once we got to Ry we had lunch then walked the rest of the way back to our campsite. After that we had lots of fun on site.

Day 12

Today we struck (put away) our campsite. We then had some fun activities that included t-shirt painting, canoeing and swimming in the lake. At the end of the day we had a big camp fire, at this point we handed out of Celtic Viking badges, to earn this you had to lots of our fun activities over the week. We then had Danish Pastries, and then (sort of) went to our beds for our early start tomorrow.

Day 13

We had a early start today with us leaving at 7:30am (PT-CET)! We then made our way to Belsen, in Germany. We spent about 2 hours at Belsen, then headed to our camp at Fallingbostel.

Day 14

After a early start, we made our way to Amsterdam. We then got onto the boat. On the boat we explored and ran around, and had a bit of déjà vu and watched another movie.

Day 15

We got off the boat and made our way back to Scotland! Once we got to the hall we emptied and cleaned the van and trailer.