Welcome to the Cub pages of the website. Here we have all the information about Cubs

About Cubs at the 17th

Cubs meet on a Monday night between 7:30pm and 8:45pm in the Canon Hoban Hall.

We have 3 terms in Cubs they run August to Christmas, January to Easter and Easter to Summer with fees paid monthly. Roughly speaking Cubs is on when school is on.

What do Cubs do?

Cubs do lots of fun things. They go on adventures, camps, learn new skills and help others in the community. All while having fun!

Want to Join Cubs?

If you like the sound of Cubs and your Young Person is aged 8 to 10 years, then fill in our Joining Form to get more info and join our waiting list.

Already Part of Cubs?

If you are already part of Cubs why not visit the Parent Portal to find out what is happening.

Recent News for the Cubs

We are Starting a Squirrel Scout Section

We are starting a Squirrel Scout Section on the 1st Dec this year. This is a new section for Young People aged 4 and 5, before they become Beaver...