These pages will give you information on how to do DofE with the BRUW Sett ESU.

These pages are currently a work in progress so some content may be missing or not complete yet.

But what is a DofE Award?

The Duke of Edinburgh award is a scheme that allows our Explorers to develop themselves through a set of 4 key areas (5 at Gold) - skills, volunteering, physical and expedition (& residential at Gold). Each section of the award is shaped by the Young Person picking an activity, choosing an aim to work towards and then completing their chosen activity for a set amount of time.

The DofE award links into the Platinum, Diamond and Queen Scout Awards within Explorers - it is not necessary to complete the DofE award to get these but the awards closely follow the DofE awards and allow for most of these awards to be gained through the use of a DofE level and some additional work.