During your Sections

Some tips and advice to help you when you're doing each section of the award and help you to get ready to submit your award once finished.

Recording Activity

It is important to keep a record of when you complete DofE activity. We recommend keeping a log every time you complete any activity for the sections of the DofE award.

Doing so is easy - use a notebook, your phone or a spreadsheet.

Once you've finished your activity upload the text document, a photograph or spreadsheet to EDofE in the evidence section. It's that easy, see below for some basic text examples.

Example 1 - Volunteering

Note below all activities take 2 hours.

  1. 20th May - Introduced myself to Explores
  2. 27th May - Ran game with Explorers & helped with activity
  3. 4th June - Ran flag break and helped to run games
  4. 11th June - Ran Values game and did flag break

Example 2 - Skill

Note below all activities take 1 hour unless otherwise stated.

  1. 6th April - Driving Lesson - worked on clutch control
  2. 12th April - Revised for 2 h for Theory test
  3. 16th April - Lesson - worked on 3 point turn
  4. 20th April - Revised road signs for Theory test
  5. 23rd April - Did Theory test & PASSED :-)
  6. 30th April - Lesson - worked on dual carriageway driving.

Example 3 - Physical

Each activity below takes 1 hr, during the hour I have 10 mins warm up, 40 mins intense workout and 10 mins cool down. The figures below refers to the intense workout section.

  1. 5th October - 10 Laps
  2. 10th October - 11 Laps
  3. 20th October - 15 Laps
  4. 26th October - 20 Laps
  5. 3rd November - 40 Laps

Saltire Awards

During your Volunteering section you also have the opportunity to achieve a Saltire Award. This award rewards you for the amount of hours volunteering work that you complete.

How to

To allow you to add Volunteering hours to you Saltire Award, follow the below steps

Step 1 - register for Saltire Awards register an online account at https://saltireawards.scot/sign-up

Step 2 - In the sidebar once register click on Volunteering > Add Volunteering

Step 3 - Fill in the Add Volunteering form. This include your role, the organisation, where you do your volunteering and who will supervise you (that is a person that approves the amount of time you having been volunteering)

Step 4 - Go Hours > Add Hours and type in the number of hours you have done, this will allow you to add hours to your Saltire Award. It is recommended that you update this regularly with the hours that you volunteer. To help you could keep a paper log of the hours that you volunteer.

Step 5 - Once you have achieved 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500 hours Saltire Awards will contact your supervisor to check you have achieved the correct number of hours and then send you certificates!